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This guy’s running a little contest that’s based on the recent Penny Arcade contest: write an adventure idea in 10 words. I couldn’t resist writing down some D&D ideas just for fun, as it’s a neat format to try to condense ideas into. Then I decided I might as well contribute. What follows is my collection of entries, some an attempt to be serious and some of them completely absurd.

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Assuming it survived various changes before being released, etc, the “points of light” setting conceit is probably one of the coolest things about 4e in my opinion, mainly because for once the “implied setting” of D&D is actually really awesome. Read the rest of this entry »

It came out semi-recently, and among other things, it has the Paladin, Barbarian, and Sorcerer. You can check it out here. (You’ll need an acct but it won’t cost you any money.)

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Rumor also has it that the PHB II will introduce the Primal power source (analogous to the Martial, Divine, and Arcane power sources in the first PHB), meaning that we’ll most likely see the Druid and Barbarian in the PHB II.

And now we find rumors suggestions that the races in the second player’s handbook will consist of races that begin with: S, H, G, G, D.


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I’m unabashedly excited about 4th Edition, for a variety of reasons which I will of course get into eventually. I mean, that’s why you’re here, right? You are here to listen to some dude blather about role-playing games.

With the impending release of 4e and amid all of the articles and blurry photographs, there’s a lot of material out there to drool over. From the fans, there’s the 4e Pre-release Rules Compilation and Monsters and More, among many other things. They were leaked some time ago, but eventually Wizards posted the D&D Experience character sheets as well.

With all of that material, there really is enough to run a game as long as you don’t try to level anyone. So, a few weeks ago, I did.

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Here is my blog, which is where I’m going to write about role-playing games. Read the rest of this entry »