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Not to worry, blog! I have a bunch of things written up! WordPress tells me I have nine drafts, in fact.

The trouble is that I don’t have time at the moment, and may not have time today, partially because I’ll be playing D&D this evening. (We’re all level 7 now!) Tomorrow I will revise & post.


Although I wrote the previous post first, it was this scenario that made me realize I have a problem. When I run D&D, and it looks like the fight is going against the PCs, I find myself pulling punches.

What brought this to mind? Well, let me tell you about a little skirmish game I ran on Sunday.

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Blog, I want to say some words to you. Blog, I am conflicted. Here are two points of view on player death in D&D, and I am sympathetic to both of them.

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The third alpha for Paizo’s Pathfinder is up! I’ll admit I haven’t had time to do more than browse the couple fo classes relevant to this Saturday’s game. Nevertheless, let’s get right to it.

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My friend Evan, who I’ve mentioned previously, started his own blog. He’s been running the 3.5/Pathfinder alpha game I’ve been in, and he’s also working on his own roleplaying game.

His blog is called Use Your Lightning Bolt!, and you should check it out. He has written things for you to read. What more could anyone ask for?

It’s over! I had a couple of runners up for Funniest Entry (the tomb with teeth one and the lever one), which I thought was pretty neat.

I thought some of the runners up (not mine!) would’ve been better choices for the winners of Funniest Entry or Best Concept. This is probably because I am really not up on D&D lore these days, and thus didn’t really get either of them.

Anyway, these Funniest Entry runners up ones made me laugh out loud:

  • “Why is everything on fire? I hate PCs so much.”
  • “Necromancer steals the king’s crown jewels. No, the other ones.”

There’s a PDF with all of the entries compiled. I perused it and there’s a lot in there. I’ll definitely keep that on hand when it comes time to pull an adventure out of my butt for a one shot.

(Edit: changed some formatting. Changed “Reliquary'” to “World of Darkness: Reliquary.)

There’ve been a few excerpts from 4th Edition up lately: Economy and Reward and You and Your Magic Items.

It turns out that I have a lot of thoughts about this stuff that I haven’t written down anywhere. This may turn out to be a series of posts that is mostly for my own benefit. And judging from how 4e handles a lot of this, it may end up being moot. Still, I will press on!

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Hello, blog! The title for this post is somewhat pretentious for such a tiny blog, and for that I am sorry. I plead a lack of creativity; I simply wanted to talk a bit about what I’ve done so far.

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Pathfinder Alpha 3 is going to be out soon, so maybe it’s a bit late to be talking about Alpha 2. But screw that. Our vanilla 3.5 game converted over to it, we had our first Pathfinder session last week, and here’s what I think, based on the conversion process and familiarity with a couple of the classes introduced with this revision.

My general opinion of Pathfinder persists: I think they’re hamstrung from fixing a lot of issues big and small due to their insistence on (and arguably necessary) backwards compatibility. They still have spell preparation and memorization, though I’ll get to some of the new stuff for casters in a moment. Level loss still exists. Presumably, ability damage and the attendant stat adjustment math persists. You could just summarize this as “Matthew’s not a huge fan of 3.5.” If you’re OK with that stuff, then Pathfinder’s no worse and possibly a bit better in some places.

The new classes in Alpha 2 include: sorcerers, barbarians, and paladins. I’m only going to talk about two, as they’re the ones I’ve most closely observed in actual play.

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I’ve been on a D&D kick lately. As I explain in my “about” section, I go through cycles where I prefer a different ratio of game to drama in my role-playing. Lately I’ve been leaning towards more game with a still respectable amount of drama. This means that I haven’t been keeping up with the new World of Darkness much lately. It happens.

Until I saw it on the shelf at the store, I missed that Lords over the Damned: Ventrue was out. I bought it partially because it was a really good looking book on the outside, partially because I’m a sucker for new books, and partially because I want to keep my friendly local gaming store in business.

It wasn’t until maybe a week later that I actually opened it and started to read it. Unlike the other new World of Darkness books, this one is soft-cover. You’d think this would the book is lower quality compared to the hardbacks, but you would be wrong, blog.

Blog, I am writing this post to tell you that this is a gorgeous book. I’m serious. In many ways, this is higher quality than most of the hardbacks. It’s glossy, high quality paper. And it’s in full color! I haven’t had a chance to read it the whole way through, but it very nearly sucked me out of my D&D phase, if you can believe that. The only thing stopping me from reading it on the bus is the fact that I’d have to carry it around in my bag, which is kind of a horrible thing to do to a book like this.

So, yes, if you like Vampire: the Requiem, I highly recommend at least flipping through it. While I can’t yet speak to the content, it’s a real treat to look at.