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Sometimes I procrastinate for no good reason.

I mean, there I was, lamenting the fact that I’m no good at outdoor adventures or “journey design” or whatever you want to call it. Then I sat down and started iterating on existing ideas, and I have enough material for a couple of sessions. I’m excited again, blog!

The only thing I have to be careful about— and this is something conscious, that I want to do myself— is keeping a thread that ties it all together. It’s easy to have these points of interest be unconnected, but that’s not what I want.

Maybe it’s more accurate to say that I’m challenging myself. Here’s what I’m going for:

  • Provide choices along this journey.
  • Tie many of these points of interest to a common theme.
  • Reveal more about the history of the area through these apparently unconnected places.

It’s fair to say that I might fail, and I’ll be OK with that; I just have to remind myself that I’ve never actually run this style of play before, so I’m flying blind. I’m relying on my instincts of what I think is cool as a player.

We’ll see how I do! Regardless, I think we’ll have fun, provided I don’t make the encounters too hard.


The Chatty DM has a post up about Wizards not really pitching 4th Edition particularly well. I’ll be honest: I found this surprising! They convinced me to give it a chance long before I saw any concrete details.

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This, from the folks at Gnome Stew (which I hope I never have to eat), is an interesting post about NPCs who tell lies. It’s short and to the point, so naturally I have to complicate it with some of my own thoughts.

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As I mentioned in my summary post, I’m really happy with the way this session went, so let’s just get right into the Cool/Not Cool for Session #2.

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A lot of my commentary is going to have to wait for the post-mortem, but let me just say briefly that this session went very well. Last night’s session was probably the best session of any game I’ve ever run, to be honest.

This is not to say that it was flawless. I’m afraid a lot of people were bored while I was doing stuff with a few different PCs, for example. The conflict between Alac and Sighni is still a bit too acrimonious. But for the most part, I was happy with it.

I’d also like to say that a lot happened. I can’t remember all of it and I might’ve messed up the order of some scenes. Also, as always, some things happened outside the common view, so I’ve left that out, too.

Ready? (Oh, man, this shit is long.)


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I realized today that I hadn’t actually published the posts that I finished. They’re up now! What follows is bonus miscellanea for my own benefit as well as those of you who’re bored enough to read my shit.

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This here post is about the combat end of my session, as well as DM-related worries and concerns, and I’m going to try out a format, here. Yeah, that’s right. Watch out!

In this case, “Cool” covers things I thought worked, were unexpectedly good, or what have you. “Not Cool” is something I didn’t think worked for whatever reason.

On with it!

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Oh, right! Hey, guys! I just remembered: I’m running a D&D game!

Actually, before we get into it, I have a real problem writing about games I’ve run. In the past, for such as my Mage: the Awakening game (“Lover’s Leap,” it was called), I wrote up synopses partially for my own benefit, and partially for others’. I liked having a record of what happened so that I could go back and refresh my memory, even after the game died the slowly, a Death of Neglect and Conflicting Schedules.

For this game, there’s a bit more to it. There’s a learning process going on for me, as I play a game with a lot more crunch than I’m used to and a premise that tends towards a different style I’m used to. So there are two levels going on here, and that’s roughly what I’ll try to write about.

This particular post is a wild stab at trying to explain what happened in the game, at least from some kind of story perspective. I’m not happy with it. Writing about actual play is very difficult, and this particular summary doesn’t capture what each player did. It’s a narration of events that makes it seem so passive, when that’s just not the case for a roleplaying game to be even remotely good.

I’m also not that great at writing; writing requires practice, and I don’t practice much.

With those caveats (face it, self: it’s not going to get any better), here’s a plot summary of the first session.

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On the topic of Hunter: the Vigil, I will almost certainly buy it. I’m caught up with the previews, and I like what I’ve read so far. This is mainly because so far, they appear to be utterly mundane.

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Today I had a longer commute than usual, and to that end, I took a few things with me to read on the bus: the Hunter: the Vigil quickstart and Midnight Roads.

I only got a little ways into Midnight Roads, but I did finally finish reading the quickstart. Now I can comment on some of the stuff I talked about in my last post.

I’ll keep this free of any specifics that would constitute a spoiler vis a vis plot, but there are one or two comments I have about pacing that may spoil you if you want to keep yourself pure. I don’t think that applies to anyone reading this, but there you go.

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