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I’ll confess that I used to think that the Technocratic Union from Mage: the Ascension was well on its way to irrelevance. The Syndicate will always be relevant, and likewise Iteration X. It’s the New World Order that always puzzled me a bit— the Internet and various bits of citizen journalism seemed to put to rest the notion that government could exert so much control over the media. I was much more afraid of corporations as a bunch of Little Brothers rather than any one Big Brother.

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There’s gonna be only light posting this week or so, as you might’ve detected. Real life is catching up with me, including some deadlines at work followed by traveling.

That said, I did bring Hunter: the Vigil with me, so maybe I’ll write some thoughts about that. There’ve also been some D&D Insider articles up I could talk about a bit.

In the meantime, I recommend you check out blogs on my blogroll, or hit up, if that’s not what brought you here in the first place. :)

Are you ready for this? This combination is an interesting thought experiment.┬áIt’s clearly suboptimal, and kind of a one-trick build, mechanically speaking. And it’s not even that great of a trick!

For this build, we’ll go with level 5. Why level 5? Because that’s what level we were in the Moathouse adventure I played at PAX.

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