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I spent the last week, including part of this week, out of town and working longer hours than usual, so of course my blogging suffers as a result. I didn’t slack off completely, though: I’ve been reading many of the books in my backlog!

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Edit: Tomorrow? It’s today! I’m not sure what I was thinkin’.

It’s official: tomorrow D&D Insider goes behind a pay wall. They’ll keep some select stuff free (including the barbarian playtest, which is cool), but it sounds like most of it will go behind a pay wall. Let’s talk about that, eh?

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Some years ago (!), as the new World of Darkness was coming to the fore, used book stores were a great place to find old World of Darkness books. In fact, I acquired most of them thus. I had just graduated from college, and thus couldn’t afford most of these books. Especially as the new World of Darkness came out, people started to offload their collections, meaning the selection was even better.

And boy were there were some amazing deals to be had that year. I acquired all but a few of the Vampire Clanbooks for between $1 and $2 each. I saw copies of Vampire for $5. At one point, someone must’ve offloaded a bunch of Planescape stuff, because I acquired a bunch of those, too. (And now I’m kicking myself for not having bought those boxed sets…)

After a while the deals petered out, and so did my visits. But on Saturday I was in search of a non-RPG book, and had occasion to visit the RPG sections. Though there wasn’t anything rare or particularly striking, I did find some goodies!

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The playtest version of the 4e barbarian is up. You might want to get it before the subscription wall comes up (more on that in another post, perhaps).

I had a chance to flip through it, and it seems pretty neat. I’d play one.

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Hello, blog. I’m done traveling. I’m still working a bunch, though. I think I’ve got enough fodder for posting to last me through the next couple of weeks, after which things should die down. 

In the meantime, let’s have a post! I got my grubby little mitts on a copy of Adventurer’s Vault, a book full of new equipment, and I’ve had some time to peruse it. 

The short and sweet? There’s some really neat stuff in here for anyone who regularly plays D&D 4th Edition.

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