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I wrote most of this post before I got my hands on Manual of the Planes, so it’s a little outdated and the language reflects that. Still, I plan to talk more about Manual of the Planes soon, so this’ll make for a good segue. :P

Out of all of the supplements I’ve read, seen, or heard about so far, Manual of the Planes is the one that excites me the most overall. Here’s why.

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I spent some time reading the Factol’s Manifesto last night, having forgotten that today the Mercykiller stuff comes out yet. I can’t post much since I’ve got to leave for work momentarily, but of course I made time to peruse the article.

Quick thoughts!

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I was pokin’ around, looking at the druid (sub. req.). It’s a very cool take on a controller, possibly better at it than the wizard, and the way they implemented beast form stuff is also neat. Given these powers and abilities, I think that druids are pretty much guaranteed to have interesting choices to make in character creation and combat.

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I heard about the layoffs through this month’s Ampersand column (sub. req.). I noticed that, f’rex, Dave Noonan’s name wasn’t in the list of designers, but failed to read anything into it. Call me naive, I guess.

It wasn’t until Jonathan Drain’s latest round of links popped up on my feed reader that I dug deeper. (Aaaaand I just noticed that this update happened to include me. Wow. Thx, Jonathan!)

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I got my grubby little mitts on a copy of Martial Power, and I had some time to peruse it. Here’s what I think so far!

For the most part, I think this is a great supplement. But I think I’m already running into supplement fatigue.

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