Hey there boys and girls! I’m moving. I’ve even got my own domain name, and I hear that it’s basically impossible to get any of them these days b/c RARE.


That’s where I’ll be posting from now on. I’ve imported everything from here to there, so comments and the like should also be there. I poked Dave about changing the feed and link, so hopefully people will be goin’ there instead of here soon.

I have no idea how many people read this via RSS, if anyone, but you might wanna change where you’re getting updates from. I’ll post about this over there, too, but if you want just the roleplaying stuff, this link should sort you out:


I’m also going to branch out a bit in terms of topics. I work in the computing field, which takes up a fair amount of my brain space. If you’re not up for that, I’d recommend the feed above. If you prefer bookmarks, then this is your link:


See you later!