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This? This is amazing. And it’s due to come out this month, even. Remind me to talk to my FLGS guy about this— he’ll be tickled pink if he doesn’t know about it already.

While I’m at it, I might as well mention that tomorrow I’ll be picking up Mekhet and Slasher.

So far, the new clanbooks have been a real treat, and I suspect that Mekhet won’t be the exception. I’ll admit that in this case I am buying Slashers because I am a horrible completist when it comes to nWoD stuff, despite the fact that I’m still quite strongly on a D&D kick.

In part, I think this is because I find it a lot easier to run D&D. My expectations are generally lower, it’s more lighthearted, and if nothing else, we can roll dice and kill monsters in an entertaining way. Fantasy is also a bit more of an escape for me. I’m not sure if that’s just because of the current geopolitical scene, or if extremely shitty things happening is just not my speed right now.

Hope you all have interesting plans for the weekend! I aim to have something more interesting up tomorrow or the day after, perhaps about the slew of new classes we’ve had coming up. (Dwarves sure have gotten a lot of top tier love lately!)


I spent the last week, including part of this week, out of town and working longer hours than usual, so of course my blogging suffers as a result. I didn’t slack off completely, though: I’ve been reading many of the books in my backlog!

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I’ve been on a D&D kick lately. As I explain in my “about” section, I go through cycles where I prefer a different ratio of game to drama in my role-playing. Lately I’ve been leaning towards more game with a still respectable amount of drama. This means that I haven’t been keeping up with the new World of Darkness much lately. It happens.

Until I saw it on the shelf at the store, I missed that Lords over the Damned: Ventrue was out. I bought it partially because it was a really good looking book on the outside, partially because I’m a sucker for new books, and partially because I want to keep my friendly local gaming store in business.

It wasn’t until maybe a week later that I actually opened it and started to read it. Unlike the other new World of Darkness books, this one is soft-cover. You’d think this would the book is lower quality compared to the hardbacks, but you would be wrong, blog.

Blog, I am writing this post to tell you that this is a gorgeous book. I’m serious. In many ways, this is higher quality than most of the hardbacks. It’s glossy, high quality paper. And it’s in full color! I haven’t had a chance to read it the whole way through, but it very nearly sucked me out of my D&D phase, if you can believe that. The only thing stopping me from reading it on the bus is the fact that I’d have to carry it around in my bag, which is kind of a horrible thing to do to a book like this.

So, yes, if you like Vampire: the Requiem, I highly recommend at least flipping through it. While I can’t yet speak to the content, it’s a real treat to look at.